Allan Cox, noted author and consultant, who has worked with, recruited and coached the CEOs of many leading corporations, hears variations on that theme every day. Helping top executives answer the difficult questions about performance, leadership, relationships and success has taught Cox a lot about what it takes to master the top job. In this ground-breaking book, he shares these secrets with you, whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, president of the local school governors, the managing partner of a law firm, the founder of a brand-new start-up or simply the head of a 'corporation of one.'To succeed in the top job, people must attain grounding, a confident and accurate self-awareness that can guide them through all the tough situations and decisions they'll encounter as a leader. 'Your Inner CEO' teaches leaders exactly how to attain that grounding, get in touch with their 'inner CEO,' and unleash its full power. You'll learn to uncover your hidden goals, face your fears, summon your strengths and propel yourself towards the future you want.

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