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 Bestselling authors Allan and Barbara Pease - four million copies of Body Language in print in 32 countries - spotlight the differences between the way men and women think. Barbara and Allan Pease travelled the world collating the dramatic findings of new research on the brain, investigating evolutionary biology, analysing psychologists research, studying social change and annoying the locals. The result is Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps the sometimes shocking, always illuminating, frequently hilarious look at where the battle line is drawn between the sexes, why it was drawn and how to cross it. Revealed: Why men really can't do more than one thing at a time. Why women make such a mess of parallel parking. Why men should never lie to women. Why women talk so much and men so little. Why men love erotic images and women aren't impressed. Why women prefer to simply talk it through. Why men offer solutions, but hate advice. Why women despair about men's silences. Why men want sex, and women need love. WHAT MEN AND WOMEN REALLY WANT

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