We may be overvaccinating our children today. Once considered a godsend, vaccines are now felt by some to be associated with dramatic increases in autism, asthma, diabetes, learning disabilities and ADHD. Now, revised and updated to include all of the latest studies, legislation and overall information concerning the risks and safety of children's vaccinations, this bestselling book offers vital, down-to-earth advice on this important topic. It will tell you which vaccines may be risky and what to consider to help safley vaccinate your children. Written by an expert on pediatric vaccinations, this book arms you with:
* Updated advice on when and how to give children vaccinations * New vital information on vaccines for hepatitis A, pneumococcal disease, meningococcal disease, influenza, rotavirus, human papilloma virus and those administered for travel abroad * Research and safety track records for various shots * Precautions parents can take when their children get vaccinated, including the use of natural supplements and vitamins * "Parents' Bill of Rights," which spells ways parents can best advocate for their children when it comes to vaccinations

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