West End Girls: They may be twin sisters, but Lizzie and Penny Berry are complete opposites ? Penny is blonde, thin and outrageous; Lizzie quiet, thoughtful and definitely not thin. The one trait they do share is a desire to DO something with their lives. Out of the blue they discover they have a grandmother living in Chelsea ? and when she has to go into hospital, they find themselves flat-sitting on the King's Road. But, as they discover, it's not as easy to become It Girls as they'd imagined, and West End boys aren't at all like Hugh Grant ...Operation Sunshine: Evie needs a good holiday. Not just because she's been working all hours in her job, but also because every holiday she has ever been on in her life has involved sunburn, arguments and projectile vomiting. Why can't she have a normal holiday, like other people seem to have ? some sun, sand, sea and (hopefully) sex? So when her employers invite her to attend a conference with them in the south of France, she can't believe her luck. It's certainly going to be the holiday of a lifetime ? but not quite in the way Evie imagines!

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