From the bestselling author of Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale comes a guide to maximizing your professional potential.
Fact: Eighty-five percent of the reason you get a job, keep a job, and move ahead in the job depends on your people skills—your ability to deal with others effectively.
Now, Zig Ziglar, America’s #1 master of motivation, shows you the people-oriented formulas, principles, and techniques that will take you straight to the top! You’ll learn:

• 17 maxims to unlock performance
• 10 commandments for running a meeting
• 5 management myths that should be exploded
• 6 key work attitudes
• 22 principles to meet a person’s needs
• The 7-step goal-setting formula
• 3 ways to build healthy self-esteem
• And much more

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