"It will depend with the fate. Life has to continue." She patted her buttocks."The stock is still tight."

They laughed like they were at a friend's birthday bash. I tried to wear a serious face but their laughter couldn't allow. I hid my face and laughed silently. I didn't know whether they had noticed me laughing. that didn't deter them from their poisonous escapades. The second lady's story shook my conscience.

"This was my fourth attempt." She looked up like someone who was counting the iron sheets, thoughtfully. Her index finger sandwiching her lips as she retrieved the actual film." My people stayed alert at the different corners of the pub. They were three ladies and a man who carried the gun. I sat at the last end of the counter and ordered a drink. I was given a glass that I slipped along the top of the glassed counter. I hardly use glass anyway. By the way, our vehicle, a Peugeot 504, was parked just outside." I turned and looked at her. " Ah...continue," one of the ladies demanded.

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