From the bestselling authos of buffettology comes the ultimate book on investing in today's down market. Published in 1997, the bestselling buffettology was tailored to the conditions of investors in the midst of a long bull market. Now, four years later, that market has seen once hot tech stocks crash and investors scramble to move their assets, or what remains of them, back to the safety of traditional blue chip companies. As peaks turn to troughs, worried investors wonder if there are any constants in today's volatile market. The answer is yes: warren buffett's value investing strategies make money. And, as the new buffettology demonstrates, there is no time to acquire like today's bear market. The new buffettology is the first guide to warren buffett's strategy for exploiting down stocks - a strategy that has made him the world's second richest person. Designed to teach investors how to decipher and use financial information like buffett himself, this one-of-a-kind guide walks readers step-by-step through the equations and formulas buffett uses to determine what to invest in and, just as importantly, when. Authors mary buffett and david clark explore buffett's recent investments in detail, proving time and time again that his strategy has earned enormous profits at a time when no one expects them - and with almost zero risk to his capital.

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