The Greatest Sales Training in the World is based on the inspirational bestseller, The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino, and provides a powerful sales philosophy on which this comprehensive sales training program is based. The title explores how to increase profits or personal income by applying the time-tested principles contained in Mandino's Ten Ancient Scrolls for Success. Also featured are special contributions from several of the world's greatest sales and training experts, such as Anthony Robbins. These contributions, combined with the inspirational wisdom of Og Mandino's powerful sales philosophy, make this book an absolute must-read for anyone interested in maximising time spent in earning. The title should appeal to the growing number of executives and sales people who see the link between positive thinking, inspirational motivation, personal principles and good business.THIS DYNAMIC EDITION OFFERS PRACTICAL TIPS ON HOW TO: €" Develop successful sales habits €" Penetrate the defense systems of clients €" Develop persistence €" Elevate your self-esteem

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