Never mind the glass ceiling. In the workplace today there's a glass wall. Men and women can see each other clearly through the divide, but they don't speak the same language or have the same cultural expectations. And as a result, women and their careers are suffering.

With more women than ever in the workforce, but still too few in the boardroom, now is the time to address the assumptions and miscommunication holding women back. This book gives women the tools to master them. It's not about working harder or being better than men: real concerted success for women comes from having a range of tactics up your sleeve that you can use to take control of any situation. Drawing on Unerman and Jacob's own experience of forging stellar careers in male-dominated businesses, as well as over a hundred interviews with men and women from a range of organisations, The Glass Wall provides clear, smart and easy-to apply strategies for success. From unlocking ambition and developing resilience to nurturing creativity and getting noticed, these are the skills that both managers and managed need to know to help break down that wall and create better workplaces for all.


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