Many seek happiness in wealth, fame,  relationships, even drugs-and, of course, they fail. How CAN  we be happy? In his most inspirational  best-selling book to date, Dr. Robert H. Schuller, the  spiritual host of the weekly telecast "The Hour of  Power," probes the Beatitudes for the  answer-and discovers eight universal positive mental  attitudes that have been used for their healing value  through the ages. Through them, you can make real  happiness truly  possible.

The Be (Happy) Attitudes 

1) I Need Help-I Can't Do It Alone. Learn two  miracle-working statements: "I need help"  and "I am sorry."
2) I'm  Really Hurting-But I Am Going To  Bounce Back. Learn that when bad things happen to  good people, they become better  people.
3) I'm Going To Remain Cool, Calm,  And Corrected. "Blessed are the  Meek..." is a poor  translation. "Meek" in the Bible means: mighty,  stable. kind, 
4)I Really Want To  Do The Right Thing. Learn how to  adopt a "Go for it" attitude toward your  life and dreams.
5) I'm  Going To Treat Others The Way I Want Them To Treat  Me. Learn how to heal your hidden  wounds, and allow them to turn you into a better  person.
6) I've Got To Let The  Faith Flow Free Through Me. Learn how  to know God better and overcome doubt. Faith makes  love a possibility. Love makes miracles  happen.
7) I'm Going To Be A Bridge  Builder. Learn how to make peace with  yourself before becoming a peacemaker for others. Learn how to remain positive and  pardon those who persecute you, even when all else  fails.

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