"Recognizing and Rewarding Employees" will include hands-on information on the following key topics: over 100 ways to reward employees; learning to say thank you; creative awards that motivate employees; how to communication appreciation; and, the top-ten best rewards. The book will focus on specific strategies that managers can use to express appreciation when their employees, department, company, etc. exceed expectations and perform well. As qualified employees become increasingly scarce, successful managers must develop a deeper understanding of human motivation, recognition, and reward systems. Recognizing and Rewarding Employees is the first book to provide employers with a comprehensive understanding of up-to-the-minute motivational findings, combined with hundreds of hands-on applications.

Look to this powerful book for tips and guidelines on:

  • Alternative pay and benefit programs
  • Establishing a constructive culture
  • Coaching
  • Embracing diversity
  • Building self-esteem
  • Sharing power
  • Stewarding
  • Unlocking innovation
  • Career banding
  • Performance planning and reviewing

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