Real Leadership is the ultimate leadership conference in a single fascinating volume, with brand-new insights from an elite group of leaders as they dialogue, debate, and even disagree about the most important things every successful leader needs to know. George Barna and coauthor Bill Dallas invite you to imagine yourself backstage at a conference featuring 30 world-class leaders. As you join them in the greenroom, you?ll be privy to their provocative conversations on subjects including: ? defining what makes someone a leader ? knowing how to identify, communicate, and get commitment to vision ? touchstones for leading effectively: what to look for and how to measure performance ? earning and maintaining people?s trust ? developing character traits that honor God, serve people, and empower self ? establishing and retaining the moral authority to lead ? knowing how power is derived and how to use it appropriately Listen in. Learn from the best. The way you view leadership will never be the same

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