Acting on his belief that you get the most done in the first 20 minutes of a meeting, established businessman Allan Leighton invited top corporate leaders to spend just 20 minutes talking about their views on leadership. Included here are his interviews with an astonishing range of business figures, among them established giants such as Philip Green and Rupert Murdoch; the new generation of leaders, including Andy Hornby at HBOS and Justin King at Sainsbury; and entrepreneurial figures such as James Dyson and Gulam Noon of Noon Foods. He also spoke with top financial journalists, whose views can help make a company soar or sink; the money men, whose support is critical for investment and acquisition; and politicians, who help create the climate in which businesses can thrive or falter. Thought-provoking, often surprising, and always insightful, this compendium is a fascinating, 360-degree view of what it takes to be a business leader in today's cut-throat global economy.

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