People can be as close to God as they choose to be – they can hear about him through the testimony of others or they can enjoy personal encounters with him on a daily basis.
God’s Word clearly teaches that there are four levels of intimacy with God: Jesus taught 70, chose the 12, spoke privately to 3 (Peter, James & John), and embraced one as John lay his head upon Jesus’ breast. God invited the children of Israel to come to his mountain to receive his word. Most remained at the bottom, few more climbed father up, Joshua continued near the top with Moses, but only Moses stood in God’s presence to receive the laws written on stone tablets.
The depth of our relationship with god is not dependent on His pursuit of us, but on our pursuit of him and our willingness to be obedient to His Word. He says, 'Seek Me and you will find me.'

Through strong biblical examples and personal experience stories, Joyce Meyer reveals the deep relationship she enjoys with God and that it is available to everyone who will seek the continual presence of God.
KNOWING GOD INTIMATELY will help those who hunger for a deeper relationship with God 

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