This book is the winner of the 1999 duff cooper prize. `Brilliant .. this book must be read and re-read` - Neal Ascherson. `A hundred years ago, enlightened people in the western world were outraged by a holocaust in Africa which left millions dead. Denunciations thundered from speaker`s platforms around the US and Europe. One open letter to "The Times" was signed by 11 peers, 19 bishops and 75 MPs. Viscount Grey, Britain`s foreign secretary, declared that no overseas issue had so intensely aroused the British public for 30 years. Conan Doyle wrote a pamphlet on the Congo atrocities which sold 25,000 copies in the first week alone. Yet today not one person in a thousand could say what the fuss was all about, unless, of course, they have read this amazing book.` - Tariq Ali, "Financial Times". `Fascinating ...brilliant and gripping` - "Mail on Sunday". `An exemplary piece of history writing: urgent, vivid and compelling` - "Literary Review".

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