As an individual investor, you can swim circles around the “whales” of Wall Street…by investing like a shark! In this book, James “Rev Shark” De Porre reveals how to maximize your powerful and unique advantages as a small investor: speed and flexibility. You’ll develop a completely new way of looking at the stock market, learn when to attack, how to move aggressively, how to stay flexible…and when to swim away in the face of danger. You’ll learn why “buy and hold” is today’s riskiest strategy…and exactly what to do instead. In short, you’ll learn the same disciplined investment techniques that helped DePorre build a tiny nest egg into a huge fortune and transformed his life.


If you read TheStreet.com, RealMoney.com, or SharkInvesting.com, you already know DePorre and his inspiring personal story of how he lost his hearing, career, and marriage…turned to online investing out of desperation…and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Now, in this fast-paced, insightful, and entertaining book, DePorre shows how you can do it, too.


How to invest like a shark…

  • Stay in motion, trolling for your “next meal”
    Stalk your prey patiently, relentlessly, and without emotion
  • Move fast when there’s blood in the water
    Know when to strike
  • Know when to swim away
    Sell when you sense danger
  • Feed on the frenzied crowd
    Profit from others’ fear, despair, stupidity, and greed
  • Use all your unique advantages and strengths
    Leverage small caps, technical analysis, and the tremendous power of cash
  • Invest with the shark’s attitude
    Be active, adaptive--and control your own destiny

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