In this provocative and entertaining book, Robert Shemin, a multimillionaire and successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, has a secret for you: rich people are not that smart. In fact, they're Idiots, and if you want the wealth and fulfilment you've always desired, you need to be an Idiot, too. In HOW COME THAT IDIOT'S RICH AND I'M NOT?, Shemin shows how the average 'smart' person's tendency to over-think can be financially crippling, and reveals simple principles for getting and keeping spectacular wealth. Follow the 'Path of the Idiot' with Shemin and realize the mistakes that smart people invariably make: they take small steps, effectively paralysed by fear of failure, instead of acting decisively; their vanity prevents them from admitting ignorance, instead of finding the right person to help them achieve their dreams. By following Shemin's step-by-step programme, you'll be setting big goals, leaving your comfort zone, embracing the knowledge learned from failure - and reaping big rewards.

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