Fromthe time she was a little girl, Maryam rebelled against the terriblesecond-class existence that was her destiny as an Afghan woman. She hadwitnessed the miserable fate of her grandmother and three aunts, and wished shehad been born a boy. 

As a feisty teenager in Kabul, she was outraged when theRussians invaded her country. After she made a public show of defiance, she hadto flee the country for her life.

A new life of freedom seemed within her grasp,but her fatherarranged a traditional marriage to a fellow Afghan, who turned out to be aviolent man. Beaten, raped and abused, Maryam found joy in the birth of a babyson. But then her brutal husband stole him away far beyond his mother's reach.For many long years she searched for her lost son, while civil war and Talibanoppression raged back home in Afghanistan. 

Set against a landscape littered with tragic tales ofhorrific suffering, Jean Sasson, author of Princess, chronicles the story of one resolute but tormented womandetermined to achieve freedom and equality with men.

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