This book provides solid, effective advice on how to overcome depression. Millions of people suffer from depression, a web of sadness and helplessness that seems to have no end. Many turn to mood-altering drugs, but these medicines come with side effects, some even more harmful that the mental condition itself. If you find yourself in an emotional abyss but are wary of using drug treatments, "50 Ways to Fight Depression Without Drugs" can help you find solutions for this debilitating condition.Noted health writer M. Sara Rosenthal shows you how to differentiate depression from sadness and grief, and discusses its many causes, including loss of a loved one, sexual abuse, and illness. Rosenthal also explains the actions you can take to alleviate or eradicate depression without using prescription drugs, including tips on how to: reduce stress at work and at home; rediscover your passion; eat well to prevent mood swings; get more sleep; create natural endorphins through activity and exercise; and, pamper yourself.The author also shares her expert advice for when you decide that you need professional help in your battle with depression. "50 Ways to Fight Depression Without Drugs" will help you rediscover your zest for lifeand become reengaged with the world around you. M. Sara Rosenthal is a medical health journalist, educator, and author of over 20 widely acclaimed health books, including "50 Ways To Prevent and Manage Stress", "Women and Depression", and "The Thyroid Sourcebook". She is a sociologist and bioethicist, and an associate of the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto, a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in Health Promotion.

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