100 ways great leaders get insane results draws on the success of live workshops, seminars and personal coaching programs on communications and leadership. These seminars, done for such organizations as Banner Health, General Dynamics, Scripps Hospital, Wells Fargo Banks, Bristol-Myers Squibb and M & I Banks, appeal to managers, teachers, parents, CEOs and coaches everywhere. The first step in motivating others is for you, if you're the leader wanting the motivation, to realize that "if there's a problem, I'm the problem". Once you truly get that, then you can use these 100 ways. After you've learned to motivate yourself, Steve and Scott will help you learn: How to slow down and enjoy a new level of focus, why multitasking is a myth, not a strength and keeping life simple and straightforward is the goal, the power of building on your peoples' strengths, how to avoid the damaging inclination to obsess about people's weaknesses, a simple and creative way to hold people accountable, how to enjoy cultivating the art of supportive confrontation. This book inspires extremely tough-minded leadership that gives the gift of clarity and vision to every person following the leader.

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