100 Facts Kings and Queens for kids covers key topics about the reigns of British kings and queens through the ages in easily-digestible, numbered facts. Every page features amazing illustrations and photographs that clarify difficult points for children.

Essential topics covered in 100 Facts Kings and Queens:
• All monarchy to rule Great Britain from Queen Boudicca to Queen Elizabeth II
• Allegiances and enemies in Europe
• The daily lives of ordinary people and those serving at court

Examples of 'I don't believe it' fascinating facts:
• James I of Scotland was murdered in a sewer. He was escaping enemies through a drainpipe but became stuck because he was too fat!
• Almost 300 people died for their faith during Mary Tudor's reign and she became known as Bloody Mary.
• Due to his size, George IV earned his nickname 'Prince of Whales' when he was Prince Regent.

Activities to make learning accessible and interactive include:
• Design a royal crown using gold or silver card, scraps of coloured paper and a tape measure • Royal quiz question: Which king signed the Magna Carta?
• Make an English or a Scottish flag using an old sheet and fabric paint. Attach to bamboo canes to wave your flag around

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